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The La Crosse region is a gold mine for outdoor recreational activities, and that asset should and could become a powerful recruitment tool for businesses in the community.

ORA is uniquely equipped to partner with the spectrum of guides, attractions, resources, and other area treasures that are available to lure quality personnel to La Crosse — to sell the region. The goal is to create an efficient and personalized pathway to a truly memorable experience for individuals and families who are getting to know the La Crosse area.

In terms of process, ORA will work with both sides of the recruitment equation — local employers on the one hand; on the other, the many facilitators of outdoor recreation/exploration in the region — to create a reliable and fruitful “recruitment delivery system” that puts the La Crosse region and its assets in the best possible light for individuals and families that are being feted by area employers.

ORA will function as planner, booking agent, and billing agent to develop and deliver specific “WOW!” experiences. Ongoing relationships with guides and other purveyors of outdoor activities will allow for the crafting of “uniquely La Crosse” experiences — and memories that will last a lifetime. Also, heightened exposure of guides, attractions, natural resources, outdoor activities, etc. will mean repeat business for our partners; their participation will be advantageous to them in the short- and long-term.

For example: An ORA-maintained Guide Directory will make sure the best guide for the specific client is identified and utilized. This will mean heightened and regular business for the guide community as well as reliably better experiences for clients.

Value proposition – Our service will deliver the Quality of Life message like no other. If you need to “WOW” a potential employee, his/her family and make our region the place that stands out as number one – call ORA!

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