Concierge Services

Concierge Services – working with the La Crosse hotel industry

All those embedded in the tourism industry — particularly our local and regional hoteliers —obviously benefit from the recreational resources available in the La Crosse region. They will further benefit from repeat visits created by outstanding delivery of packaged experiences, big and small, that cater to their guests’ individual tastes.

La Crosse enjoys a thriving convention and hospitality industry that brings jobs and new construction to the area. People who visit La Crosse for business or pleasure have access to an almost mind-boggling spectrum of outdoor activities and attractions.

As an outgrowth of the Corporate HR-Recruitment mission, ORA will act as central hub to the various non-profit entities engaged in promoting the region. ORA will coordinate the myriad all-season opportunities for visitors to the La Crosse area into well-defined packages that local hotels can offer to their guests.

Put another way: Instead of a brochure rack bursting with publications touting an overwhelming — and intimidating — amount of possibilities, the ORA Concierge Services Program will create a manageable, well-targeted system for hotel desk staff to access when helping visitors plan their La Crosse experience.

Besides the quality-of-service enhancement for the hotel, there are obvious advantages inherent in creating a top-notch visitor environment in terms of return trip/engagements, excellent word-of-mouth, and even economic development by way of attracting new businesses via executives who become enamored with what La Crosse has to offer!

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