What We Do

The Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA) is an advocate for all things outdoor recreation, our particular area of focus is on the so called Silent Sports, meaning human powered activities such as kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, road cycling and recreational bicycling, fly fishing – you get the idea.

ORA means to bring together all the voices in outdoor recreation and facilitate communication between user groups. We work collaboratively with City and Count administrators and our goals is for access, conservation and maintenance of public lands for recreation. In fact ORA supplies the majority of maintenance to both Upper and Lower Hixon Forest through our volunteers work crews. We have a stake in providing quality outdoor opportunities for anyone living or visiting the greater Driftless region.

ORA Provides Services

At the core of our services are simply knowledge people concerning a variety of outdoor activities. So for example, you’re a family looking to learn how to get into a sport you can all do, hiking, backpacking, bicycling, mtn biking, kayaking, canoeing – whatever, ORA can match the appropriate guide for your needs. Perhaps you work in a company that’s got a lot of staff stuck in front of a computer screen – those folks need to get outside! We can provide larger group treks, or rides, all manor of outdoor adventure!

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Outdoor Recreation Alliance
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