Trail Running

Hiking & Trail Running

The running and hiking trails in the 7 Rivers Region are famous for their easy-on-the-body cushioning, which has played a key role in turning out an inordinate number of state cross country champions.

Well-built, sustainable, cushioned trails reduce jogging injuries and benefit both weekend warriors and state cross-country champions alike. Trail running in La Crosse is some of the best you will find in the Midwest. There are 30 miles of trails just out your front door.  You can be at a trail head in a couple minutes and then hike to the top of the bluffs.   We have a wide variety of trails. From smooth flat trails to technical climbs up the bluff.  There is a little bit of everything for runners of all abilities.

The sport of trail running has grown very quickly in the last few years and La Crosse is no exception.  The Hixon 50 trail ultramarathon has quickly become one of the top trail races in the Midwest.


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