Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Our bluffs provide a bird-watching paradise of eagles and falcons, and a challenge for backpackers seeking higher ground and a way to calm the spirit at the end of the day. Beneath the birders and hikers, runners and joggers have access to “cushioned trails” that wind through forests surrounding limestone bluffs.

Well over 200 species of birds can be seen here within the cycle of one year!

Autumn comes early along the Mississippi Flyway, with the return of the first shorebirds. Early September brings the Warblers
back through the area after a summer spent in the north woods. A few weeks later and we start to notice tha
t some of the birds that neste
d around here have also left for warmer climates.

Not all birds head south right away however; some spend the nights in relatively warm, protected areas and flock out to feed during the day. Sooner than we’d like though, we find ourselves with fewer and fewer species to watch, until only the hardiest birds are left. These are the birds that wil brave the northern Winter with us, and another circle of the seasons i
s completed.

Check out some of the great area birding sites:


  • La Crosse River Marsh
  • Hixon Forest
  • Coulee State Experimental Forest
  • Perrot State Park
  • Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge
  • Upper Mississippi River Refuge
  • Wildcat Mountain State Park


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