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We want to help you Get Outside!

ORA can be directly involved with getting you outside and into an outdoor recreation activity, safely and with the confidence to enjoy a lifetime of outdoor fun. ORA members are excited to share their passion for their sport and help you get going. We offer one on one, or group instruction for all of the activities listed here on our website.

If you know your stuff and are just looking for trails and routes, each page for your sport will have as many resources as we know are available, and we’ll keep adding more. Remember ORA is a non-profit organization, our ORA guides are experienced amateur enthusiast the modest fees we charge are split with your guide to support the guide and ORA. As a non-profit this is one of the ways in which we can support the organization through member involvement, and meet new people who share our passion for the outdoors.

ORA Guiding Service

Through our members, we have established a guiding program, folks that will meet with you and help you get going in any of the silent sports that you can think of. The exception would be for fly fishing. Serious fly fishers seeking a full (or half) day professional guiding service we recommend checking out the Driftless Angler in Viroqua. If you are interested in learning about fly fishing on a more relaxed half day outing, where you will learn about fly fishing, stream ecology, entomology, local birds and our local geology – in other words it’s not all about the fishing. Don’t misunderstand, we’ll get you out on the water all right, but that won’t be our only focus.

The first step is to fill out the email information and hit send – an ORA representative will reach out to you shortly after that.

Our goal is to get you going in a manor that allows you to keep going! If you’re new to any of these sports, or hobbies – great, let’s get you going!

ORA offers guiding services for the following                                  Contact an ORA Guide

MTN Biking – can be with or without pre-ride instruction

  • 2-4 hours MTN biking at Hixon or out further in the county.

Road Cycling – can be with or without pre-ride instruction

Workout ride – serious elevation changes for the hardcore biking enthusiast.

Trail Running/Hiking – 2 – 4 hours

  • Trail hiking Hixon Forest
  • Trail running – this is more of a “workout” program


  • Mississippi Backwaters tour – always with a pre-paddle instruction segment
  • Kayaking the Kickapoo, La Crosse or Black Rivers – easy and family oriented

Flyfishing – instruction always part of this program

  • Full and half day trips

Backpacking, camping and outdoor skills

Interested in solo camping, family camping, short trips or extended backcountry travel… Several ORA members are seasoned mountaineers, hikers and campers ready to help you get into the backcountry. If you’re like us you love the vistas of a good peak, and some of those are only available by foot! Learn all the skill necessary to take your family out safely and with confidence.

Birding and Wildlife Hikes – we have a great deal of choices for the birding and wildlife enthusiast. Are you new to birding, or a seasoned birder looking for specific birds on your life list, ORA guides can help.

  • Simple and close by to your hotel hikes on established trails
  • Deeper into the woods hikes for the more adventurous
  • Hikes for specific species
  • Photography/videography blinds available with guide.
  • Half-Day Birding for Beginners Hike, 1 – 4 participants $
  • Half-Day Intensive Birding Hike

Recreational Biking – can be with or without pre-ride instruction

  • Sculpture and monument tour or La Crosse
  • Architectural tours of La Crosse
  • Wine tasting ride
  • Family ride – designed for families with kids

XC Skiing and/or Snowshoeing

  • Half Day – skate or classic ski outings
  • Half Day – backcountry trips


ORA Guided Outdoor Adventure Trips (Costs are consistent for all activities)

  • Half day 1 – 4 participants (meaning one guide) $200 plus rentals if required
  • Half day 5 – 10 participants (two guides) $350 plus rentals
  • Full day 1- 4 participants $350 (meals can be provided, but are not included)
  • Full day 5 – 10 participants $600 (meals can be provided but are not included)

Mountain/Road Bike and Kayak rentals:

  • $50/day
  • $75/weekend

Kayak rentals

  • Solo $10/day
  • Tandem $15/day

Snowshoes/XC Skis

  • $10/day
  • $15/weekend

Contact an ORA Guide


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