Donate and Membership

ORA has many ongoing outdoor projects; trail construction and maintenance, educational programs, clinics on outdoor skills, guide training, as well as sponsoring many local events like the La Crosse Omnium and the Wisconsin Off Road Series or WORS, Women’s MTN Biking Clinic, Take a Kid MTN Biking and more. We enthusiastically support over 10 outdoor recreational activities and we are attempting to do great things for each activity.

ORA has more than one donation fund, in fact at any given time we may have several funds supporting specific projects. We prefer that all donations go to the ORA General Fund, but for those that are passionate about donating to a specific project, we want to give you that option as well. And rest assured any project specific donation we receive would be used as directed by you.

The ORA General Fund:

The ORA General Fund (OGF) is our source of funding for everything we do; from mapping new water trails to Fat Tire Bike trail grooming equipment. This fund supports the events we’re involved in, pays our phone bill, insurance bills as well as other essential expenses. The ORA Board of Directors oversees the ORA General Fund and makes decisions based on the best interests of ORA and it’s membership. At the present time ORA has little to no overhead as our executive director maintains a home office. We are working to develop a broad community donor base to support the organization, but this will take time. In the meantime, ORA and its members are working to develop new outdoor recreation opportunities; we’re organizing work crews, putting on events and participating in many more.

We’re front and center in representing outdoor recreation to the decision makers of our community. All this costs money. So we respectfully ask that if you are going to donate, please consider the ORA General Fund First, but if your passions run strong and you really want your donations earmarked for a specific program that’s great as well – we need those donation dollars for all our programs and projects and we will make certain they are used as directed. Once inside PayPal you can make comments on any specific request you have for your donation.



Why become an ORA member? ORA works diligently to serve as an umbrella organization for all the different voices in outdoor recreation. Through all of the silent sports enthusiast coming together, ORA provides a voice for you in policy being established regarding issues such as use and access. We need and welcome everyone with outdoor skills to help us past those skills on to others, and welcome those just beginning there outdoor recreation journey.

ORA Members also get discounts on ORA clothing and gear, and ORA events and services (all services, including guiding and instruction)

ORA members like to get together and pursue their sport with others! Organized road and mtn bike outings, group hikes, kayaking and bird watching outings and more – come on in, the water if fine!

This being our first year in a couple to have a membership campaign we’re offering our 2017/2018 memberships at a self selected amount. That’s right, we’re leaving the cost of your first years membership entirely up to you. Can’t afford much, how about $5 got a little extra cash and want to help ORA keep going, maybe a $100 or even $200 – whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated.


And remember, all donations to ORA are Tax deductible!

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