All About ORA

What is ORA

Advocates for all silent sport outdoor recreation in the Driftless Region!

  • Advocate for Outdoor Recreation, a tourism and business builder.
  • Production of local and regional outdoor sports events, direct engagement with the public.
  • Collaborating with Cities, municipalities and other Driftless area entities concerning access to land and waterways for human powered recreational activities.
  • ORA teaches and promotes best skills practices in all outdoor sports.
  • Connect people with the outdoor experience.

ORA’s Value – powerful economic development organization – Producer of Outdoor Related Event

  • The Omnium
  • Grandad’s Half Marathon
  • WORS (WI Off Road Series)
  • Catgut Paddle Fest 2017
  • The Big Bird Biltz

We promote

  • Tourism
  • Heads In Beds
  • Trails, parking
  • Infrastructure and tax base
  • Link & Connect other NGO’s working together
  • Policy and Local Budgets

ORA Achievements

 The Summit – A yearly conference linking people across the Outdoor Recreation Industry spectrum. 

Trail Design, Building and Maintenance

  • Rotary Vista Trail (RVT) -Highly acclaimed 2 ½ mile transformational trail in Hixon Forest
  • Built and maintain 12 miles of “Best Built Trails in Wisconsin.”
  • Built bike park atop Granddad’s Bluff

The Pump-track is a big hit!

  • Improve entry & exit points on rivers
  • Water trail navigation mapping
  • Clear downed trees and debris

ORA’s members and volunteers provide a vast amount of skilled volunteer hours maintaining and driving outdoor recreation for the entire Driftless area!

We’re the ones that maintain all the trails in Upper and Lower Hixon, clear downed trees, debris and as much trail repair as we can, we’re the ones that groom all the ski trails and groom all the Fat Bike trials as well – all by volunteers.

Our Mission:

To become America’s outdoor recreation destination for silent sport and human powered activities and contribute to the economic growth of the 7 Rivers Region of La Crosse by attracting and retaining active lifestyle employees, visitors seeking an active vacation, and fostering businesses and industries that support Outdoor Recreation Alliance activities.

Our goals are to foster outdoor recreation by engaging directly with the public through our members. Seeking opportunities to teach and educate anyone desiring to learn about recreating in our great Driftless outdoors.

Outdoor Recreation Alliance
1243 Badger Street
La Crosse, WI 54667